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My name is Dave Paquin and I am the author and instructor for a six week, online course called “Computer Skills for the Workplace”. This twelve lesson interactive program provides the fundamental skills needed by everyone in today’s workplace. I will teach you how to use Windows, Word Processors, Spreadsheets, eMail and Presentations. I also cover important topics such as Integrating Programs and Using the Internet.

Over 30,000 students have taken the Computer Skills for the Workplace course!

These courses are being delivered by over 2,000 colleges throughout the United States – you can enroll directly right here. All courses are provided by ed2Go, a Cengage Learning company and the industry leader in online education for adults. A new course session starts every month.

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  • "Dave, thanks so much for an awesome class! I am looking for a new opportunity after 20 years with one employer and this was the perfect course to teach me things so that I could be competitive in my job search. I also recommended and sent the link to a friend and I know he is excited about taking your course as well."
  • "Computer skills is something I have been lacking for years now. I am already learning more than I thought I ever would. Instructor Dave presents the information in a very easy to understand format which basically makes it like child play. I am extremely pleased with both the instructor and the information being presented. Now that I am learning these new skills, I know I will be an asset to any organization in todays work force. Thanks Instructor Dave. I have a totally new outlook on life in general!"